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Becoming a multi-entrepreneur with the mindset of a high-performance athlete

What parallels there are between professional sports and entrepreneurship and how the multi-entrepreneur, Daniel Vogt, thinks about it, you will find out in this blog article.

When people get to know me, the conversation very quickly turns to the subject of skiing. Yes, I was a participant in the Winter Olympics twice in the 90s. But what is even more important are the competencies and skills that I transferred to entrepreneurship as a professional ski racer. You don’t need to become a professional athlete to become a successful entrepreneur, but there is some overlap in attitude, focus and motivation. I share my experiences on this topic in this blog article.

With the mindset of a high-performance athlete to become a multi-entrepreneur Daniel Vogt.

In this article, Daniel Vogt, owner of LIEVEST AG, sheds light on how successful investors and also the multi-investor Daniel Vogt strategically proceed with their investments and what different forms of investment there are.

It has never been so easy to build up a fortune with so little effort and in such a short time. At the same time, it has never been so easy to destroy your entire investment within a few days. Therefore, the right form of investment is the trump card! So the question is what kind of investor you want to be. Multi-investor Daniel Vogt has clear and unambiguous answers to this.

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Daniel Vogt: Goal setting in entrepreneurship and high-performance sports

No matter what you want to achieve – the right form of goal setting is crucial. After all, it is of precious little use to pursue lofty goals but not know how to actually achieve them. 

That’s why I always formulate my goals in such a way that they are 1. motivating and 2. breakable down into actions. As a high-performance athlete, I knew when to eat what form of food and what exercise to master in order to be at peak performance by Day X. I also knew how to achieve my goals. 

As a multi-entrepreneur, I take a similar approach. I know what I want to achieve as an entrepreneur with my commitment and I also know where the biggest lever is to achieve this.

Becoming a multi-entrepreneur requires focus

For sustainable success, it’s critical not to get lost in the minutiae, but to take the eagle’s eye view. If you work more in the company instead of in it, you lose focus. Especially as an entrepreneur and investor, it is important to get an overview in order to make strategic decisions. Operational activities are also important to ensure entrepreneurial success, but the entrepreneur sets the direction, and to do this he must adopt a different perspective. 

From this focus also comes the determination for entrepreneurial action. With footballers, it is often said that they are not determined enough in front of goal when they fail to score. As an entrepreneur, you also need to act decisively to perform at your best and remain successful over the long term.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport

As a skier, you are always dubbed a lone warrior. This is not the case, of course, as I have always reached my goals as part of a team. Without my teammates, opponents and my service and coaching team, I would not have been able to achieve these outstanding results. 

It is similar in entrepreneurship. Here, too, you depend on your team, your business partners, your network and your employees. Since competition stimulates business, even this can ensure that you develop as an entrepreneur. If you believe that you can do everything on your own, you will 1. quickly reach your own limits and 2. by far not achieve the results that are desired.

Risk reduction and risk management as an entrepreneur

All of life means risk. The art is to reduce this risk to a minimum and to keep it under control. It is a misconception to be able to eliminate risk completely. Even if I have memorized a slope dozens of times, a small stone is enough to get me off my skis. Nevertheless, it is necessary to do the necessary groundwork.

It is no different in entrepreneurship. You have to calculate the risk. The last few years in particular have shown that you can be as well prepared as you are and still miss something you didn’t expect. This does not mean that you should do nothing at all in the area of risk management, but that you should rethink risk and factor it in.

Multi-entrepreneurs have innovative spirit

Since you can’t eliminate risk, it’s all the more important to take calculated risks. Because it can also be a risk to oversleep certain trends. Cell phone manufacturer Nokia can tell you a thing or two about this because it completely slept through the smartphone trend. 

This does not mean abandoning proven, classic structures at any price and implementing something new, no matter what the cost, but rather looking beyond one’s own horizons or one’s own habits every now and then in order to recognize which innovations might be useful and which might not. It is probably one of the highest gifts to bring new things and traditions in a fruitful connection.

What lasts long becomes good one day

We live in fast-moving times. Never before in the history of mankind, we could get information in a matter of seconds via the internet or get in touch with millions of people by means of a few clicks. This has an impact on our thinking and our attitude.

Skiing has taught me to be patient if I want to be successful in the long run. Certain hurdles take time to jump over. Especially as a high-performance athlete, you work for several decades on the foundation for your own success.

This point can also be applied to successful entrepreneurship. It is not quick and short-term success that counts, but sustainable and stable success. To achieve this, you have to make preparations that others are not prepared to make. It’s as simple as that.

Conclusion by Daniel Vogt, owner of LIEVEST AG

As we have seen, there is a lot of overlap between high performance sports and entrepreneurship. Certain skills, competencies and philosophies are essential in both fields, whether it is about shaping one’s own body or one’s own business. Similar is true for investing in any way, shape or form. In this blog article, I have gone over the necessary prerequisites for successful investing. 

If you want to become a successful multi-entrepreneur or entrepreneur, you work meticulously on your own foundation for success and make sure you have an excellent network that allows your skills to flourish.

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