Security, stability and long-termism - how successful investors proceed

How do successful investors proceed strategically with their investments? Different forms of investment are highlighted in this article by Daniel Vogt, owner of LIEVEST AG.

It has never been so easy to build up a fortune with so little effort and in such a short time. At the same time, it has never been so easy to destroy your entire investment within a few days. Therefore, the right form of investment is the trump card! So the question becomes, what kind of investor do you want to be? In this blog article, Daniel Vogt, owner of LIEVEST AG and multi-entrepreneur, sheds light on the differences between the respective approaches.

Daniel Vogt: Gambling is not a form of investment

There are now countless ways and models to increase your money at breakneck speed. It is also the dream of many to become millionaires overnight and to do as little as possible for it. Many systems, advisors and models also promise great wealth. Whether it’s cryptocoins or promising business opportunities that would be on the verge of breaking through. 

They are promising and aesthetically pleasing slides touting wealth for everyone, but let’s face it: if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it and already everyone would be a multimillionaire. 

The reality then often looks different: really only the fewest profit from such systems and the rest is left “poor”, but “rich in experience”.

Speculation with measure and aim is all right
Daniel Vogt earning money in turbulent times euro

I do not want to dismiss speculation as a form of investment. Everything in life is speculation. However, with every investment, the risk should always be kept in mind. Even the biggest business opportunity can turn out to be a pipe burst, I am aware of that, and even it has happened to me. That is why risk management is enormously important. Anyone who now bets house and home on rising crypto markets, which sometimes fluctuate by 50% or more per day, is not practicing risk management, but gambling. Here, nothing can be planned or greatly influenced, you are exposed to the market conditions. Added to this is the fact that risk should always be spread over several areas. Keeping all your eggs in one basket is not advisable if you want to build up a long-term fortune with your investments. For example, those who have invested 95% very conservatively may seek their fortune in high-risk investments with the remaining 5%. Others may be willing to risk 10% or more to increase their returns. It all depends on how much risk can be tolerated.

Investments and company participations that pay off

Sustainable investments are designed completely differently. They impress with their long-term nature, stability and sustainability. The fast euro, franc or dollar is “sacrificed” in favor of long-term results. While this requires patience and foresight, it represents risk management par excellence if you want to build a long-term fortune with your own investments. 

If you have a strategically smart plan, you have already won. The different forms of investment are not that important. Much more decisive is how much time you give yourself and how much heart and energy you are willing to invest in it. For example, if you want to use real estate as a form of investment, you not only need a good network, but also partners who can support you with their expertise. Especially with real estate, small wrong decisions have a devastating effect in the long run.

The most important form of investment according to Daniel Vogt: Networks!

No matter what the concrete investment looks like, an investment in one’s own network is probably the most important form of investment of all. It is not primarily a monetary investment – time is also an investment in building and maintaining a network. I have been involved with my network building for decades and have been able to discover investment opportunities that are not available on the market.I can justifiably claim that without my network I would have overlooked great investments or simply would not have had access to them. That’s why every investment in your own network is a really good investment.

Multi-Investor Daniel Vogt: Not all investments are the same

As I noted, there are personal preferences when it comes to one’s investments. Real estate represents a fantastic tangible asset that also generates monthly cash flow. But not everyone wants to deal with the specialty of real estate. For this one has its network, which takes this work from one and ensures for it to profit from this investment form maximally. 


Also with enterprise participation the personal network plays a crucial role. It ensures access to such opportunities. Depending on whether there is an entrepreneurial spirit in you, you may even be able to participate in the operational direction of the company and create win-win situations in this way. It is up to you how much commitment you want to make to protect and increase your own assets.

Conclusion of Daniel Vogt on the forms of investment

Every investor has different needs. The fantastic thing is that in today’s world there are wonderful tools that can be used to meet those needs. There are investors who want to take as little risk as possible to protect their wealth and there are investors who are willing to lose a certain percentage of their investment to make their wealth grow faster. All of this can be reflected in the forms of investment.

However, what I do not support at all with my expertise are “get-rich-quick schemes”, without competence and effort. Every investment that should work in the long run needs a certain effort, be it time, money, knowledge or commitment. Nothing comes from nothing, as the saying goes, and nowhere is this more true than with investments.

The multi-investor Daniel Vogt has clear ideas and strategies on how companies become successful. This requires a clear focus on fundamental values such as stability, sustainability and continuity. Added to this is his gift for spotting trends early on, before the market notices them.

He is currently working on a new, innovative health project that will make a completely new kind of preventive health care possible.

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